• Endurance - Heroic Journeys in Ireland


Heroic Journeys in Ireland

Kidnap, escape, murder, power, faith, scholarship, survival and, above all, sheer endurance - all are themes in Dermot Somers' graphic accounts of heroic travels through Ireland, from Iron Age myth to the dawn of modern Ireland.

The Iron Age: Queen Medb and the epic cattle-raid of Cooley.

5th Century A.D.: Caoilte - last of the pagan warriors of the Fianna - encounters St. Patrick.

1006: Brian Boru parades through Ulster in a show of military might.

1588-9: Captain de Cuéllar of the Spanish Armada on a harrowing odyssey of survival.

1591-2: Red Hugh O'Donnell escapes across the freezing slopes of the Wicklow Mountains.

1602-3: Driven from his lands, O'Sullivan Beara takes to the hungry road with a thousand followers.

1626-36: The Franciscan monk, Michael O'Clery, travels through Ireland, to preserve its ancient lore and learning in the Annals of the Four Masters.

With maps and photographs, Dermot Somers - mountaineer, Gaelic scholar, writer and TV presenter - follows in the footsteps of these epic journeys.


Book Details
Title Endurance
Subtitle Heroic Journeys in Ireland
Author Dermot Somers
Publisher O'Brien Press
Release Date 2005
Language English
Printed Pages 255 Pages
Size 23.0cm x 15.5cm
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Endurance - Heroic Journeys in Ireland

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