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History, Monuments & Legends

Glendalough is the most celebrated of the valleys in the Wicklow Mountains - a combination of outstanding natural beauty and a very important early ecclesiastical settlement. It is famous for its magnificent Round Tower, its numerous churches and beautiful stone crosses. The monastery was founded in the 6th century by St Kevin.

The book takes a look at the life of St Kevin and outlines the story of Glendalough since the time of its founder. The famous pilgrimage, or pattern, which was an important annual event up until the mid 19th century is discussed and there is also a section on the fascinating legends associated with the Saint. Most importantly, this book acts as a detailed guide to the monuments both on the main site and also in the area near the Upper Lake. Whether you are a recreational visitor or a pilgrim to Glendalough this book will provide the ideal companion.

Book Details
Title Glendalough
Subtitle History, Monuments & Legends
Author George McClafferty
Publisher The Columba Press
Edition 1st
Release Date 2012
Map Details One Overview Map of Glendalough Valley and One Detailed Map of the Monastic City
Printed Pages 95 Pages
Size 17.0cm x 14.5cm
Postal Weight 225g

Glendalough | History, Monuments & Legends

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