The Skellig Story

Ancient Monastic Outpost

‘Magic that takes you out, far out, of this time and this world.'
George Bernard Shaw, after a visit to Skellig

This is the story of two of the world's most stunning and unspoilt islands, Skellig Michael and Small Skellig, which lie off the coast of Kerry. Lavelle explores the extraordinary, isolated Early Christian monastic settlement with its stone ‘beehive' huts. He describes the abundant bird life, including the huge colony of gannets, and tells of the history, legend, geology, plant life, the lighthouse, the seals and the underwater world.

A comprehensive and accessible book on a unique and fascinating place.

Book Details
Title The Skellig Story
Subtitle Ancient Monastic Outpost
Author Des Lavelle
Publisher O'Brien Press
Edition 3rd
Release Date 2010
Language English
Cover Paperback
Map Details 1 Overview Map of Ireland and County Kerry, 1 Landmark Map of Skellig Michael, 1 Detailed Map of the Monastery Complex and Maps of both the Seabird Colony and Plant Life Distribution on the Island
Printed Pages 112 Pages
Size 21.5cm x 13.5cm
Postal Weight 225g

The Skellig Story | Ancient Monastic Outpost

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