Lough Erne

Activity Map | 1:25,000

Whether you are an activity enthusiast looking for excitement or someone who likes to take life at a more relaxed pace, the OSNI Lough Erne Activity Map is an essential guide to all this beautiful area has to offer.

Take to the lakes, where the vast expanse of fresh water, dotted with over 150 islands, makes the perfect location for water sports. Explore the countryside by bicycle and take in the magnificent views across the lakes, visit one of the many caves or enjoy scenic drives on the quiet country roads.

Whatever you plan to do in Fermanagh or anywhere in Northern Ireland... plan with an OSNI map from Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland.

Map Details
Title Lough Erne
Map Detail 1:25,000
Map Series Activity Series
Publisher Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland
Edition 1st Edition
Release Date 2008
Finish Water-Resistant
Size Folded: 21.0cm x 13.5cm x 0.8cm.
Postal Weight 170g

OSNI Activity Map | Lough Erne

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