• The Beara Way

The Beara Way

The Beara-Breifne Way | Volume 1

**N.B. This guide was published in 2008 and some of the trail marked on the map is now outdated. The first 50 pages of guide contain all the relevant historical background, descriptions of flora and fauna and details of local landmarks and highlight points of interest along the trail.

Volume 1 of the Beara-Breifne Way mapguides contains all the OSI maps needed to walk the Beara Way. Detailed text and images by Dermot Somers bring this remote and ancient peninsula to life...

"The Miskish and the Caha mountains form the rugged spine of the peninsula, deeply indented by corries and hidden valleys. The coastline is ever present, often accessible. The Gulf Stream climate encourages subtropical trees and shrubs... Bursts of native woodland - oak, ash, holly, birch - punctuate bare rock and heather. Mediterranean plants not found elsewhere in Ireland, or Britain, flourish here..."

Book Details
Subtitle Beara-Breifne Way / Slí Bhéara Breifne - Volume One
Map Details
Title The Beara Way
Map Detail 1:25,000
Publisher Beara Tourism and Development
Edition 1st Edition
Release Date 2008
Size Folded: 19cm x 12.5cm x 0.5cm
Postal Weight 145g

The Beara Way

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